On Tuesday, the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Binotto’s tenure as team principal could be under threat for F1 2023, with current Alfa Romeo boss Fred Vasseur lined up as his potential replacement. 

Ferrari responded by releasing a statement which denied the rumours, stating they are “totally without foundation.” 

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Binotto was pressed about his Ferrari future during the team representatives’ press conferences on Saturday at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

“I was not expecting that question, so let me think now,” said Binotto. 

“Obviously, Ferrari is the most loved team. Seb said once that everybody is a Ferrari fan and if they are telling you it’s not the case, well as a matter of fact they are. 

“When there is such a big passion around it there is also criticism and rumours. That has been true in the past, it’s the situation right now, and it will be in the future.

“When these speculations came out, I had a chat with my chairman John Elkann. Together we discussed what is the best way to move forward and together we decided to release a statement - it was maybe the best way to clear those speculations. 

“Clearly, those speculations are totally with no foundations. I think for me right now what is most important is to focus on the race weekend and the team not to be distracted. 

"Certainly the rumours are always there but it’s about Ferrari and more important not to be distracted by them.”

Asked if he could categorically say he’ll still be Ferrari’s team principal in 2023, Binotto replied: “Obviously it is not down to me to decide, but I am pretty relaxed. 

“The reason I am relaxed is that I am always open to open, frank discussions with my bosses, with my chairman, not only on the short-term but also the medium and long-term.” 

While Binotto admitted there is still room for improvement at Ferrari, he insisted the Italian outfit achieved their goal for 2022 by returning to competitiveness. 

“If I look back at the season; yes we had some ups and downs,” he explained. “We are not the best yet, the fastest car on track, but I think we achieved our main objective, which was to be back competitive in this new era of the 2022 cars. 

“I think no one would have ever imagined Ferrari to have been that competitive at the start of the season. 

“That proves that the team has worked well through difficult moments in 2020 and 2021, we remain united. It’s a team that has not only worked well but has proved to be capable. 

“Yes there are lots of things that need to be progress, weaknesses have been shown. But as we have seen in the past, we will try to address them. The team back at the factory is fully focused on 2023 and trying to improve.

“Furthermore, I think this season has been outstanding in terms of pole positions and qualifying pace, but not in terms of race-pace. We know that we need to somehow improve the race-pace because then strategy or whatever is around it is much easier if you have a faster car.

“But yes, I am relaxed, I’m more than that, I’m really focused on what we need to do and what we need to do as a team.”