It wasn’t until October when it was officially confirmed that Red Bull had breached the cost cap in 2021, 10 months into the next calendar year.

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Domenicali believes it’s important for the “credibility” of F1 that the FIA’s assessments of teams’ finances is done “earlier than later”.

“For the credibility of the sport this kind of action, to check if everyone is respecting that rule, has to be done earlier than later,” he told Sky Sports.

“So we are discussing, and this is on the FIA’s side to make sure that the control and the certification would be done much earlier. Because the effect on and if some teams will be out of it, has to be done in a proper way in as short a time as possible to be more credible.

“We see other sports that are taking the financial regulation with, in my opinion, too long time for a reaction and this is not good.”

Red Bull were fined and hit with a reduction in ATR (aerodynamic testing restriction) for their breach of the cost cap.

Domenicali remains hopeful that no teams have breached it for 2022.

“I think that first of all, we don’t have to forget one thing that the step change of financial regulation in F1 has been a step change in the governance of that sport,” he added. “And I was thinking that we could have even more problems to manage because the dimensions of the complexity, it is really huge.”

“I’m pretty sure that everyone understanding now what is the effect, if there is something not going well in that dimension, that is new, So I totally agree that the focus on these actually would be very big.”