Last year, the FIA introduced a new ‘show and tell’ session in the F1 pit lane at each grand prix weekend, forcing teams to show off their cars and explain any changes.

This would give the media, and even other teams, to have a close look at all 10 cars ahead of the forthcoming weekend.

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Naturally, teams want to keep their new upgrades or innovative parts a secret so their rivals can’t copy.

To get around this during the ‘show and tell’ sessions, teams would fit the new parts to just one car, but the car that they would show off to the media would be the second car without the upgrades.

As a result for F1 2023, the FIA have made changes to the regulations, making it clear that all teams must display the latest parts on the car that is put on display. 

“If only one car will carry the major aerodynamic and bodywork components and assemblies that have not been run at a previous Competition or TCC [testing of current cars] and are intended to be run at the Competition, this car must be the one displayed to media,” the new rules state.

All engine manufacturers must also be more transparent during the season.

For this year: "Each registered Power Unit Manufacturer must be available at one (1) Competition during the season to give a media presentation for a duration of at least 30 minutes.”