Alonso enjoyed an incredible first weekend with Aston Martin as he finished behind the two Red Bulls to record his 99th career podium finish.

During the 57-lap race, Alonso was involved in a number of intense battles, including one with former McLaren teammate Lewis Hamilton.

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Alonso used the DRS to get past Hamilton into Turn 4, but suffered with some oversteer on corner entry, meaning he lost out to the Mercedes driver.

He later got past the seven-time champion with an opportunistic overtake into Turn 10.

Speaking to Sky after the race, Alonso admitted he still needs to adapt to Aston Martin’s power steering assistance. 

“I think it was still [caused by the] slowing down,” he said. “I still need to get used to the power assistance and things on this car.

“It’s a bit different compared to Alpine, so it caught me by surprise, to be honest.”

It’s the first time in the hybrid era that Alonso has driven with Mercedes engines, having already used Honda, Renault and Ferrari with his previous teams.

He doesn’t think the Mercedes power unit was a factor in his oversteer moment at Turn 4.

“Power unit-wise, I don’t think there is much in it,” he added.

“But the car itself and the front suspension geometry is always different between cars. So, you have different feedback from the front grip on your hands on the steering wheel.

“At that kind of moment, I am sure I need more time on track and in this car.”

Pressed on the reason for his slide: “I think we know what is causing that, but I will keep it for me. We're still working. As I said, the car is very new. We need to learn more about the car; I need to get used to the car.

“So those moments were more coming from me getting used to the car, getting used to the driving input, feedback from the steering wheel and power assistance.

“So, things are not 100% tailor-made yet.”