Ferrari have been heavily criticised over the years for their poor strategy choices.

In 2022, Leclerc missed out on at least three victories due to strategy blunders as Ferrari failed to make the most of their superior machinery in the first half of the year.

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Leclerc was also criticised for his lack of input compared to Carlos Sainz, who overruled Ferrari on a number of occasions last team.

Leclerc explained that he is “really vocal in the team” but insisted that when it comes to strategy, the team as a whole has to work together. 

“I am really vocal within the team of what I want and I think this is the right approach,” he told F1’s Beyond the Grid podcast. “So this I won’t change because I don’t care what people really think.

“What I care about is that I am feeling good with myself, doing the absolute best within the team to improve things. This is my main focus.

“In terms of being more vocal when I’m in the car and taking more in hand, the decision, I don’t think this is the way forward. Because people don’t understand how little information we have in the car, about the whole situation during a race.

“I strongly believe that if we get better as a team, and when I say as a team, it’s everybody involved, speaking about our strategy, looking at the strategy, this is when we will be the best altogether.

“We won’t win a world championship if I am making the decisions on my own in the car. This is not how it works and on that I’m convinced.”

Having been part of Ferrari since 2019, Leclerc has been a part of the team’s up and down level of performance.

The Monegasque thinks Ferrari in F1 2023 is the ‘best version’ he’s been a part of.

“Yes, I strongly believe [this is the best version],” he said. “And it’s the same thinking behind it. After every season, I felt like we took a step.

“We try to see and understand where we did things wrong and then just before this new season, we take actions to improve those things. So yes, of that, I’m also sure.”