As reported initially by AMuS, the FIA have made changes after Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso failed to place their car correctly within the grid box at the start of the race.

The two drivers were handed five-second time penalties in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia respectively.

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The change comes after the drivers expressed concerns about visibility when attempting to line up on the grid following the formation lap. 

After the race in Jeddah, Max Verstappen said: ​​“I haven’t seen how much he was out of his box. It is painful when it happens but it’s a bit the same with the white line with track limits.

“Sometimes you argue: did you gain anything going wide or not, going outside of it? I think at one point we do need a rule. 

"It looks really silly if people start to take advantage of going really left and right but yeah, I didn’t know what we can do better.

“The visibility is just really poor in the car, that is I think, probably the main issue where you end up sometimes not fully, correctly in your box.”