A new rule was issued in advance of the F1 Miami Grand Prix after the scary near-miss in Baku.

Alpine driver Ocon pitted on the final lap but was met by people who were already prepping for post-race reaction in parc ferme. Fortunately he braked and a disaster was averted.

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The new rule states: "Team mechanics are not permitted to move from their garages to the Parc Ferme with cooling fans in anticipation of their cars stopping at the end of the race until after the last car has taken the chequered flag.

“Any other personnel or VIPs are not permitted to enter the pit lane until after the last car has taken the chequered flag.

"Any infringement will result in the removal of passes from the team(s) in question from subsequent events, and potential reporting of the infringing team(s) to the Stewards."

A rewording of an existing rule was also clarified.

Personnel who are not team mechanics, officials, television crews and photographers were previously not "be allowed in the designated area at this time".

It has now changed to: "no one else will be allowed in the designated area once the cars are in the Parc Ferme area".