‘King of Collectibles: the Goldin Touch’ is a series where people buy and sell rare or unusual items, sometimes for huge prices.

Jean-Nicolas Gagnon, a 16-year-old from Canada, is featured because he owns the only 2020 Topps Chrome F1 Superfractor 1/1 Lewis Hamilton card in the world, CTV News report.

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He acquired the card by chance, by buying a regular $50 (£40) pack.

Hamilton has signed the super-rare card, the show says, which dramatically increased its value.

The owner and his father were informed that a private buyer wanted to purchase the collector’s item for $750,000 (£599,000).

“When I heard that amount, I almost fell backwards," said the father. 

"I never thought a little piece of cardboard could be worth that much."

But a new buyer, Armando Gutierrez, then enters the show and makes the owners a new offer - which they accepted.

The sale was later disclosed as $900,000 (£718,623).

It is an all-time record for an F1 card.

"I'm your favourite son," Jean-Nicolas told his dad.