After being dropped by Haas at the end of last year, Mick joined Mercedes as their third driver - acting as their reserve and simulator driver, stepping in should either of the team’s main drivers couldn’t race.

Mick was credited for Mercedes’ improved car setup during the Spanish Grand Prix, with Lewis Hamilton lauding him for the role he played.

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The young German is set to drive the Mercedes W14 for the first time this week in a Pirelli test.

“His work in the simulator was explicitly praised by Hamilton in Barcelona,” Ralf wrote in his latest column for Sky Germany. “I'm happy for Mick. He makes decisions with the engineers in the simulator for the development and coordination of the car, so Hamilton and Russell have to trust him. 

“If that works, it is all the more beautiful because he then becomes an important part of the team and is also considered that way. Mick decides in which direction the car is developed and his feedback is enormously important for the team.”

Ralf also believes it’s an opportunity for Mick to impress as he looks to return to F1 for 2024.

“For him personally, this is very important for two reasons,” he added. “On the one hand, he gets a confirmation between the simulator work and reality. For a driver, it is very important that you get a feeling in the car. And then, of course, he can also show that he can be fast in the car. 

“People will look and you can certainly draw comparisons to the other drivers and teams. Mick can set an exclamation mark - even in a team. He can show that he can also implement what he does in the simulator on the track.”