Alonso spent five seasons at Ferrari, narrowly missing out on the title in 2010 and 2012.

On both occasions, Alonso lost out to Sebastian Vettel.

In Abu Dhabi 2010, Ferrari stopped Alonso too early, bringing him out into traffic which he was unable to overtake - as did closest rival MarkWebber - handing Vettel the title.

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Two years later, Alonso enjoyed his greatest-ever F1 campaign but it wasn’t enough as Vettel survived a dramatic lap-one shunt with Bruno Senna in Brazil to secure enough points to become a three-time world champion.

After a poor 2014 - the first year of the V6 hybrid era - Alonso decided to leave Ferrari for McLaren-Honda, opening up the door for Vettel at the Scuderia.

The move backfired with Ferrari returning to some form in 2015, winning three races, while Alonso ran towards the back of the midfield in uncompetitive machinery.

Speaking to Jake Humphrey on the High Performance Podcast, Alonso spoke about what regrets he had during his F1 career and what he would want to change.

“Winning a championship with Ferrari, that will probably be the first thing I choose, if I can go back in time,” Alonso said. 

“2010, 2012, we were within a few laps of winning the championship. That probably could have changed a little bit the outcome of many things, the history behind a few things.”

Alonso also wishes he simply enjoyed his time in F1 more.

“What I regret, for sure, was not to enjoy more my time, my career,” he added. “I know that I am at the end of it. There’s a new life in a few years time for me without driving and when I look back on my career I will see a lot of good things and good friendships and incredible experiences. 

“But it’s like I should have enjoyed [it] more. If I had the opportunity to live my exact life once more maybe I don’t change anything with my teams, with my choices or this Ferrari title. I would change to live a little bit more all those moments and try to have more memories from those moments. 

“I won the championship in Brazil 2005 and 2006, and I hardly remember anything from those afternoons and nights which is sad.”