F1 teams respond to FIA clampdown on “rubbery nose boxes”

F1 teams have welcomed a new FIA technical directive that will clampdown on flexi-wings from the Singapore Grand Prix. 
Sergio Perez (MEX) Red Bull Racing RB1
Sergio Perez (MEX) Red Bull Racing RB1

Governing body the FIA has issued a technical directive warning teams that it will be paying extra attention to the flexibility of bodywork on cars, particularly front and rear wings, starting from the next race in Singapore. 

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It comes amid suspicions in the paddock that some teams are bending article 3.2.2 of the technical regulations, which states that “all aerodynamic components or bodywork influencing the car’s aerodynamic performance must be rigidly secured and immobile”. 

It adds that parts “must uniform, solid, hard, continuous, impervious surface under all circumstances.”

The technical directive is not thought to be aimed at one team in particular. 

Speaking during Friday’s team principals press conference at the Italian Grand Prix, leading team bosses backed the FIA's intervention. 

(L to R): Andrea Stella (ITA) McLaren Team Principal; Mario Isola (ITA) Pirelli Racing Manager; Frederic Vasseur (FRA)
(L to R): Andrea Stella (ITA) McLaren Team Principal; Mario Isola (ITA)…

"It's not something that affects us, but we've seen a few rubbery nose boxes, shall we say. So, we'll see those get addressed, I guess, in Singapore,” said Red Bull’s Christian Horner. 

McLaren team principal Andrea Stella commented: "The FIA, they have a lot of information, and they can see things that other teams can't see in terms of inspecting cars.

"They are very competent, so we 100% trust their judgement and their approach. And, if they thought that it was the time to release a technical directive, then it means that there is a reason for that.

"We're not very concerned about that, to be honest. So we take the positive that, if the FIA felt it was needed, it means that there is something to clamp down. And for us, I think it is good news.”

Meanwhile, Ferrari boss Fred Vasseur said: "We have to trust the FIA that if they consider that they have to do the TD, it is because the regulation was not clear enough. And we trust the FIA in this direction."

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