Vettel is attending the race in Japan to launch his new project which will see 11 “insect hotels” installed.

These are being built next to Suzuka’s iconic Turn 2, with the corner’s kerb painted black and yellow - the colour of bees - to raise further awareness.

Hamilton was pleased to see Vettel back at an F1 track and hopes the former Red Bull driver’s work rubs off on the rest of the grid.

“I think it is great to have Seb back this weekend, he sat down and told all the drivers about his plans,” Hamilton said. 

“It is great he has found his purpose, and to be honest, in the history of the sport, I don’t know any other driver that has ever been so outspoken or showing real compassion for the world outside of this kind of world we’re living in. 

“It’s really great he’s utilising his platform. I always just hope with the things that he’s doing he inspires the other drivers to do something. 

“Maybe in their own lane but we all need to come together in this world to have a positive impact - to spread love, to spread compassion, to raise awareness for a lot of the problems that we need to address. 

“Biodiversity for sure - he’s working with the bees here and he’s raising awareness this weekend. 

“It’s a great way to spark a bit of interest and raise awareness for people to understand what and why they’re so important for.”