The ‘not F1 level’ changes Verstappen and Hamilton want COTA to make

Max Verstappen has called for the bumpiness of the Circuit of the Americas track to be addressed, declaring it “not at F1 level”.  
The ‘not F1 level’ changes Verstappen and Hamilton want COTA to make

The Red Bull driver, who claimed his 50th grand prix victory in Austin, believes the circuit needs to be totally resurfaced, after only certain sections were repaved ahead of this year’s race. 

COTA’s track surface has drawn complaints from both F1 drivers and MotoGP riders in recent years and since the switch to lower ground-effect cars in 2022, the bumps at the circuit have become a bigger concern.

The track conditions were cited as being a factor in Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc’s cars failing post-race plank wear checks, while Fernando Alonso retired from Sunday’s race after breaking the floor of his Aston Martin. 

"It needs to be redone because at the moment it feels like it's better suited to a rally car. I'm jumping and bouncing around," triple world champion Verstappen said. 

"In an F1 car probably you don't even see it as much because, of course, we are glued to the ground because of the downforce, but the bumps and jumps that we have in some places, this is way too much. I don't think it's F1 level.

"I love this track. Honestly, the layout is amazing but we definitely need new tarmac and it needs to be a lot smoother for the coming years, because we already asking for this for I think quite a few years, and it's not really been done.”

Seven-time world champion Hamilton found himself in agreement with old title rival Verstappen that further changes are needed. 

"I agree with Max," Hamilton said, prior to his disqualification for excessive plank wear. 

"I like some of the bumps because it adds character to the circuit, but there's way too many.

"We as drivers and the GPDA, we are open to discussing with them and maybe helping them not do the whole thing so it costs a fortune.

"From the last corner to the start line, for example, that's smooth, then the rest is bumpy.

"The other areas, we could patch up and improve."

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