Las Vegas pit building work completed as ticket prices are slashed

Organisers of the Las Vegas Grand Prix have confirmed that construction work for their brand-new pit building has been completed.
Las Vegas at night. Las Vegas Preview, USA
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Las Vegas at night. Las Vegas Preview, USA -, EMail:…

F1 will race down the iconic Las Vegas ‘strip’ for the first time next weekend in a night race taking place on Saturday (Sunday, 6am in the UK).

In 12 months, an impressive 300,000 square foot building has been constructed on land purchased by F1 for $240 million.

The Las Vegas GP posted an image of the new building, with it illuminated by neon lights.

It also seems that ticket prices have dropped significantly as we get closer to the race weekend.

At the time of writing (as per TickPick), tickets for Thursday and Friday are down by over 60 per cent.

$385 to $162 on Thursday, while Friday is down from $825 to just $312.

It’s a similar story on Saturday, down from $1645 to $1087.

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