'I would not be shocked if King Charles turned up' to the F1 Las Vegas GP

This weekend’s F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix is expected to be a star-studded event, with the A-list tipped to be “insane”. 
Las Vegas at night. Las Veg
Las Vegas at night. Las Veg

The so-called entertainment capital of the world will open its doors to the pinnacle of motor racing for the first F1 grand prix to be held in Las Vegas since 1982. 

With a spectacular backdrop as F1 drivers race down the iconic Las Vegas Strip, it promises to be a spectacle not to be missed. 

And according to former American racing driver Willy T Ribbs, it will be the “biggest race in racing history”. 

“It is going to be mega – I would not be shocked if King Charles showed up,” Ribbs, who was the first black man to test an F1 car in 1986, told The Independent

“I would not be shocked because the A-list is going to be insane. You’re going to be bumping into more celebrities and sports stars than you will fans.

“Without any hyperbole, it will be the biggest race in racing history. That encompasses everything – the most talked about and the most glamorous. 

“If you look at Las Vegas, it has a history of putting on the biggest event – whether it’s a boxing fight or an NFL game.”

Liberty Media bosses have predicted that F1 will bring more than $1 billion to the local Las Vegas economy from this weekend’s grand prix. 

The cost to F1 - who have built their own pit building and brand new track for the event - has been estimated at around $500m. 

F1 has struck a 10-year deal with Las Vegas to race in Sin City. 

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