Some fans, thought not to be ticket-holders, successfully tore through view-blocking screens that were added to many of the fences which lined the famous Las Vegas Strip during Saturday evening’s race.

That is according to, who also reported that attempts to replace the damaged screens by event staff were unsuccessful. 

While fans were able to see previously-restricted views of the track near Turn 14, the behaviour did not result in safety concerns being raised. 

F1’s newest race, which had already angered local residents, was overshadowed by controversy.

Thursday’s practice schedule was heavily-disrupted by a loose drain cover which caused chaos and forced the opening session to be cancelled after just eight minutes. 

F1’s refusal to apologise or issue refunds to disgruntled fans who were kicked out of grandstands before second practice got underway prompted criticism.

Single-day ticket holders were offered a $200 voucher for the event’s official merchandise shop as opposed to a full refund. 

This prompted Dimopoulos Law Form and co-counsel JK Legal & Consulting to file a class action lawsuit against F1 on behalf of 35,000 fans.

When Max Verstappen - the loudest critic of the Las Vegas race across the weekend - was informed by Dutch television what fans had been offered, he replied: "If I was a fan, I would tear the whole place down."