Fee introduced as FIA tightens up Right of Review process for F1 teams

The FIA has tightened up the Right of Review process used by F1 teams to challenge decisions by shortening the time window and introducing a fee. 
Kevin Magnussen (DEN) Haas F1 Team
Kevin Magnussen (DEN) Haas F1 Team

Rather than the previous 14-day threshold, teams will now have just 96 hours from the end of the competition - with the option of a further day should FIA stewards permit it - to lodge a Right of Review request. 

Aston Martin (Saudi Arabia), Ferrari (Australia), McLaren (Austria) and Haas (USA) submitted Right of Review cases throughout the 2023 season, with only Aston Martin’s proving to be successful. The other three examples were all dismissed. 

The updates have been reflected in a revised section of the International Sporting Code, which now states: “The period during which a petition for review may be brought expires after 96 hours from the end of the competition concerned, except in circumstances where the stewards consider that compliance with the 96-hour deadline would be impossible, in which case the stewards may extend this deadline by no more than 24 hours.” 

Teams will now have to pay €6000 up front, regardless of whether the appeal is carried out or not. 

A new ISC article said that a request “must be accompanied by a deposit amount of which will be annually set by the parent ASN of the international series; or by the FIA for its championships, cups, trophies, challenges or series. 

“In addition, the deposit must be specified in the sporting regulations or supplementary regulations of the competition. This deposit may only be returned if the right of review is upheld, unless fairness requires otherwise.”

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