Fastest F1 driver over a single lap is pinpointed by expert

Which F1 driver is the quickest over one lap?

Charles Leclerc (MON) Ferrari SF-23. Formula 1 Testing, Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, Tuesday.-,
Charles Leclerc (MON) Ferrari SF-23. Formula 1 Testing, Yas Marina Circuit…

Charles Leclerc has been named as the fastest F1 driver over a single lap by Karun Chandhok.

The Ferrari driver claimed five pole positions last season although he couldn’t repeat his three grands prix victories from 2022 due to Red Bull’s dominance.

Leclerc will become the teammate of Lewis Hamilton when the Mercedes star switches to Ferrari next year.

And embracing Leclerc’s speed is testament to Hamilton’s motivation to keep fighting at the front of F1, Sky Sports experts believe.

“For me, it’s a sign that he still has fire in his belly,” Karun Chandhok said on the Sky F1 show.

“He’s about to start his 18th season in Formula 1. That’s 18 years where he is spending 300 days living out of a suitcase, at events, testing…

“It’s a tough mental load to take, especially when you’re at the sharp end, the pinnacle. The pressure he’s under…

“To still have that dedication? For him to still have that fire to take on a young charger like Leclerc?

“I’ve said before and people have disagreed with me, but I think Leclerc is the fastest driver over one lap in F1.

“To take that challenge on, at this age, is very impressive.”

Leclerc was tied down by Ferrari to a new big-money and multi-year contract before Hamilton’s bombshell switch was confirmed.

Leclerc’s renewal was prioritised above Carlos Sainz - who was the only non-Red Bull driver to win a grand prix last year - and who was ultimately axed in favour of Hamilton.

Damon Hill said about Hamilton arriving at Ferrari when he will be 40 years old: “Lewis studied other athletes. Tom Brady and Kelly Slater who carried on their careers into their 40s.

“Lewis sees beyond normal limits. He always has done. He will be motivated.

“He has organised his life so that he can give his best. Not putting himself under stress by doing marketing stuff. He does what he wants. Then he turns up and races.

“I think he’s got quite a few years left of being competitive.”

Martin Brundle added: “You lose the need, you don’t lose the speed.

“There are two exceptions - Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton - that we see at the moment.

“Somehow they find this motivation and energy to keep driving forwards.”

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