A glitch within the system has been blamed as the reason why Fernando Alonso's DRS was used outside of the designated area during the Chinese Grand Prix.

TV footage showed Alonso's rear wing opening when he was running behind Michael Schumacher coming out of the hairpin mid-way through the race, with the area where the system could be used being found on the back straight prior to the hairpin itself.

According to the BBC, an error with the system meant the Spaniard's DRS didn't start working until 300m before the end of the back straight on the lap where the incident took place, with the DRS zone having started 750m before the hairpin turn.

On exiting the corner, the system then became available again for a short period of time although Alonso wasn't able to gain any advantage in his fight for position.

No penalty was handed out but the FIA is now set to investigate the cause of the error to ensure there is no repeat. The DRS device is enabled for a driver to use by the governing body when a car is within the DRS zone and within a second of the car in front.

China marked the second race in a row where Alonso's DRS has had an issue, with the system having stopped working in Malaysia a week earlier.



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