Jordan's Tiago Monteiro has apologised to Juan Pablo Montoya after their incident in the closing stages of Sunday's Turkish Grand Prix.

Monteiro added though that it wasn't completely his fault as Montoya shut the door suddenly when he passed him - and as such left him with little downforce. After that Monteiro was just a passenger and the two touched something that ultimately cost JPM second.

"Montoya overtook me and shut the door in a braking zone," explained Monteiro.

"I could not avoid pushing him as I was blind and lost all the downforce.

"I am really sorry for him as he was fighting for a podium but we have talked a lot during the briefings that we should not move positions in braking areas. I do not really know what happened as I have not talked to him yet."

Overall though, Monteiro did have some reasons to smile, especially as he again took the chequered flag - to chalk up his 14th consecutive finish.

"Another finish for me, which is good for the record and the team," he added. "It was a very hard weekend because of the problem I had with an aching tooth. I was really fighting and I wanted a good result. After the first pit stop, I had a gearbox problem and lost first gear and then all the gears were a bit mixed up, which made my race very tricky. However, the times were looking good, I was quicker and quicker and catching my team-mate near the end until the incident with Juan..."



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