Fans of motor racing can quiz themselves on the sport they love every day of the year with the 2009 Autocourse Quiz Block calendar.

The quiz block contains a question and answer for each weekday of 2009, complemented with a piece of trivia each weekend.

Here are ten questions from the quiz block to test your knowledge (answers below)...

Ten questions from the 2009 Autocourse Quiz Block Calendar:

1. Which two drivers were banned for dangerous driving during the 1994 season?

2. Why were Ligier chassis' prefixed by the initials JS?

3. Name the two other circuits to have hosted the Canadian Grand Prix before Montreal.

4. Who is the only Hawaiian-born driver to compete in Formula 1?

5. How many times have the Schumacher brothers shared a place on the podium?

6. Which driver has led the most races in Grand Prix history?

7. Who is the driver to have made the most Grand Prix starts and never scored a point?

8. Name the two ex-drivers who were team managers of the Jaguar team in 2001.

9. In what year did the Spanish Grand Prix begin to be held at the Circuit de Catalunya in Montmel??

10. Jacques Laffite drove at 176 Grand Prix meetings, but appeared for just two teams. Who were they?

The full 2009 Autocourse Quiz Block Calendar features questions and facts from six decades of F1.

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ANSWERS: 1) Mika Hakkinen (one race) and Eddie Irvine (three races). 2) In memory of Guy Ligier's friend Jo Schlesser, killed in the 1968 French Grand Prix. 3) Mont Tremblant (1968 and 1970) and Mosport Park (1967, 1969, 1971-74 and 1976-77). 4) Danny Ongais in 1977 and 1988. 5) Six. 6) Michael Schumacher. 7) Luca Badoer (40 starts). 8) Bobby Rahal and Niki Lauda. 9) 1991. 10) Williams and Ligier.