Fernando Alonso and NASCAR star Jimmie Johnson have teased a possible crossing of codes in a video uploaded to McLaren’s social media accounts on Wednesday.

Two-time world champion Alonso will leave F1 at the end of the season in order to pursue other challenges in racing, with a move into IndyCar seeming his most likely course of action.

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However, a big hint has been dropped suggesting Alonso could be due to complete a NASCAR test in the near future, with seven-time Cup Series champion Johnson potentially due to enjoy a run-out in Europe in return following a video that saw both drivers chat to each other on the phone, discussing racing plans.

Johnson: “Sounds like you might have some free time on your hands soon?"

Alonso: “Yes, yes, nothing sorted yet. Have you get any good ideas?”

Johnson: “Always man, I’m always full of good ideas.”

Alonso: “Plenty of cool stuff to do on your side of the pond I think.”

Johnson: “But there’s also some pretty cool stuff to do on your side of the pond.”

The video then finished with clips of both a McLaren F1 car and Johnson’s NASCAR, before teasing ‘two champions, to be continued’.

Alonso has made public that he is a fan of Johnson’s, having met with the NASCAR driver at the series’ annual media tour back in January at Daytona.

Alonso also stated at the event he found NASCAR “very attractive,” and would be keen to try out one of the series cars if given the opportunity.