Daniel Ricciardo insists he is not beginning to doubt his switch from Red Bull to Renault after his latest retirement at the United States Grand Prix.

The Australian has suffered a nightmare run of engine-related reliability failures throughout the second half of the season and was forced into retirement while running fourth in Austin last weekend.

Ricciardo will join Renault for 2019 in a move that coincides with his current team’s switch to Honda power units, following Red Bull’s decision to end its long-term partnership with the French manufacturer.

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Asked if has had second thoughts on joining Renault, Ricciardo told media in the build-up to this weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix: “No. For sure I’m aware there’s work to do, that’s the truth, but I knew that as well when I signed.

“I think I’m still more excited than not, just about having a fresh environment and a change. Hopefully we get a good run the next few races, otherwise these guys will probably be sick of me as well losing my shit.

“So probably for everyone it’s a good thing I move on.

“I’m not superstitious, but even if I was, I haven’t walked under any ladders, haven’t run over any black cats - sometimes I’d like to! I really don’t know,” he added when asked if he knew why the failures kept occurring on his car.

“It’s just how it’s going at the moment. Why it keeps happening, I don’t think there’s an explanation.”

Red Bull has targeted Mexico as its best opportunity to take another win this season and Ricciardo said he will use the team’s prospects as added motivation.

“With this set-up, the podium they have here, even though I got one eventually in 2016, I never stood on it, so I’m still craving that feeling,” he explained.

“Really that’s all the motivation I need right now, and I’ll just apply myself and hope that everything works come Sunday. Hopefully by 60-odd laps or something it’s looking good.

“So it’s still quite easy for me to be motivated. If this kept happening for another five years, 10 years, I don’t know, then maybe I start to get just fed up. I mean, I was fed up on Sunday, but my Monday I woke up and was already feeling a bit better.

“It doesn’t last too long now, that frustration, which is good. As I said, even just picturing myself here on the podium would be enough motivation.

“I also don’t want to leave the team like this. I don’t want to leave on a negative. So there’s enough reasons to be motivated.”



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