Fernando Alonso has provided an insight into the “negative aspects” required for drivers to make a successful career in Formula 1.

The two-time world champion has quit the sport following years of struggles at McLaren in order to take up new challenges in his bid to become just the second driver in history to win motorsport’s Triple Crown.

Following his F1 departure, Alonso will continue to compete in the 2018/19 FIA World Endurance Championship with Toyota as well as returning for a second attempt at winning the Indianapolis 500 this year.

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Asked what he will miss the most about F1, the Spaniard replied: “I think driving the cars. The cars are something special.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re fourteenth, fifth or fighting for victory. Obviously if you can be on the podium and win, definitely it’s an extra celebration and joy – but when you go out of there for qualifying, or even tomorrow for free practice, and you’re drive these cars, they are very special.

"The amount of technology behind these cars would be difficult to replicate in any other series.”

But Alonso also revealed the side to F1 that he will not miss, including a lack of free time to spend with family and friends. 

“On the other side there are negative aspects of Formula 1, especially if you are 18 years here. You dedicate your entire life to Formula 1,” he explained.

“You have no friends, no family, no free time, no privacy, no wife, no kids, no nothing. It’s just full dedication if you want to succeed. So, I think, I have other priorities right now.

“Racing in other disciplines, other series, you realise that Formula 1 is a step higher and it’s just trying to find perfection in everything, every weekend, every two weeks, all around the world. This was probably the best memories I will get from here.”



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