Mick Schumacher ended his first Formula 1 test outing with Ferrari already feeling “at home” with the team as he followed in the footsteps of his father.

Thirteen years after Michael Schumacher made his final appearance for Ferrari following a spell with the team that yielded five world titles, Schumacher Jr. donned the red overalls of the Scuderia for the first time in Bahrain on Tuesday as he took part in his maiden F1 test.

Schumacher finished the day second-fastest behind Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, and spoke warmly of his first moments out on-track in the SF90 car.

“The emotions I can tell you were really nice. It was feeling like home already,” Schumacher said.

“It was beautiful to make those first laps and to see all those guys working on the car and working with me. I felt very comfortable and felt at home.

“The feeling I had going out and the first time on the throttle… this thing has so much power. I felt good and there is so much potential in the car with the speed through the corners and in traction it is hard to describe.

“I am sure there is a lot more to come. You can brake later and later and later and the car would still stop in the same way. It was crazy really.”

Schumacher will return to the track in Bahrain on Wednesday when he tests for Alfa Romeo, which he said he expects to be “a lot of fun again”.

“I’m just waiting to get out there again and just looking forward to it really, trying to improve the spots that I wanted to improve today,” Schumacher said.

“Every single time I went out, I learned something new about how to drive the car, about the feeling I had in the car, the feeling I was looking for in the car.

“I think we managed really well, thanks to the guys that explained it to me in the right way and managed to bring me that information that I needed.

“I think the harmony in the team was very good, and it worked well.”