Carlos Sainz concedes the Spanish Grand Prix could be set to drop off next year’s Formula 1 race calendar but remains hopeful the long-term future of the event can be saved.

Sainz became the sole Spaniard on the F1 grid this year after Fernando Alonso retired from the sport and fears over the future of his home race have grown in recent weeks following media reports that Zandvoort in the Netherlands would make a return to the F1 calendar at Circuit de Catalunya’s expense.

While no official decisions on the 2020 F1 calendar have been released, the signals were not positive from Sainz as he admitted “it’s too late” to keep the race on next year’s schedule.

“Obviously for me it would be a big loss on the calendar, but as far as I know, negotiations are still ongoing and nothing has been confirmed,” Sainz said. “I am just wishing that all the institutions are going to do their job and agree on something. I think it’s in their own benefit, of Barcelona, of Spain, of Formula 1.

“I think the Spanish Grand Prix has a lot of history in Formula 1. I think this track has a lot of history in Formula 1, and it would be a big shame to lose it.

“Hopefully we can agree on something, maybe not next year because it’s too late and hopefully yes, agree on something for the future.”

When pressed on what kind of future he wants from the Spanish GP, Sainz believes the race should stay at the Barcelona track but would also welcome the return of Jerez – the circuit which hosted the Spanish round between 1986 and 1990 before briefly returning under the European GP title in 1994 and 1996.

“What I would like the most is to keep Barcelona. I think this city, this track, deserves to be in Formula 1,” he said.

“If you could add Jerez, then even better, because I would have two, and if you don’t keep Barcelona, I wouldn’t mind having Jerez. That’s pretty much my order of priorities if you ask me now. But this city and Spain deserves to have Barcelona on the F1 calendar.”

The Spanish GP has been an ever-present race on the F1 calendar since 1986 while this year's round will mark the 60th running of the Grand Prix in F1 history.



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