Kevin Magnussen has been given a post-race five-second time penalty at the Monaco Grand Prix which drops the Haas driver down to 14th place in the final classification.

Following a late-race incident defending against Racing Point’s Sergio Perez at the Nouvelle Chicane, Magnussen appeared to cut the corner to retain 12th place in front of the Mexican driver.

In a post-race investigation held by the FIA stewards, the Danish driver was judged to have gained an unfair advantage by leaving the track and has been given a five-second time penalty plus one penalty points.

The penalty drops him from 12th to 14th and promotes Perez to 12th and Nico Hulkenberg to 13th.

“Car 11 [Perez] moved to the left of car 20 [Magnussen] in the braking zone of turn 10 and pulled fully alongside. The two cars then took the first apex side by side and moved towards the second apex side by side. The driver of car 20 then cut behind the kerb at the next apex avoiding a collision with car 11 which would have resulted had he gone over the kerb.

“However, rather than re-joining the track as soon as possible, the driver of car 20 opened his steering and also missed the next apex creating a further shortcut allowing him to re-join the track ahead of car 20 rather than side by side, which would have been the case had he gone behind the raised kerb and re-joined as soon as possible, which there was room to do.

“Therefore, the Stewards impose a 5 second penalty on car 20.”



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