Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel believes regular talks with the drivers has been a “very positive aspect” of Formula 1’s planning for the 2021 regulations, saying he feels listened to when putting forward ideas.

F1’s leaders are currently working to finalise the technical and sporting regulations for the 2021 season by the end of October, with an overhaul to try and improve the on-track spectacle on the cards.

Meetings between F1, the FIA and teams have also been opened up to drivers this year, with representatives from the Grand Prix Drivers Association present.

Vettel attended the most recent summit before the summer break alongside Romain Grosjean, giving him the chance to put forward the F1 drivers’ ideas and feedback over plans for 2021.

Asked by if he felt more listened to than in previous years, Vettel said: “Definitely. I think that is a very positive aspect.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to speak our mind. I think we are probably the only ones around the table that do not have other motives to what we are saying. I’m very neutral.

“We care about the sport and it’s a great chance for us plus a great chance for everyone else around the table. I think we bring something else to the table that hasn’t been there before, from the inside perspective. I definitely feel like people are listening and taking it on board.

“Now we have to see what happens. Some of it is politics, and some of it is tactics or whatever, but we are staying out of this and just saying what we think is the best going forward for us, and for everyone else who loves the sport to enjoy it more.”

The technical and sporting regulations for 2021 must be locked in by October 31 following unanimous agreement to postpone the original June deadline.