Ferrari says it views Formula 1’s regulation overhaul for 2021 as a “good starting point” but warns there is “still much to do” to improve the championship.

F1 and the FIA presented its new sporting and technical regulations for post-2020 ahead of the United States Grand Prix, with teams and drivers largely receptive of the changes proposed in a bid to lower costs and bring the field closer together.

Ferrari backed the 2021 rules package during a crunch vote held by the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council last month.

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“We believe it is the right moment to look for a discontinuity, for our sport, it has to be sustainable, we are all aware of that,” said Scuderia team principal Mattia Binotto.

“We need to work hard as well in the future on a more sustainable, green, as well, sport. There is a still much to work on, so if there is anything, I would avoid to say that it is locked down.

“I think this is still at a starting point where altogether now we need to collaborate, improve furthermore what is certainly a good set of regulations.

“But there is still much to develop, improve and certainly as well, looking at a more sustainable sport in the future, on the power unit, on the fuel, whatever can be done.

“I think that’s a responsibility we’ve all got together. So far, we collaborate well with FIA and F1 but still much to do.”

As part of its deal with F1, Ferrari has a right to veto new rules if it believes they are not in the best interests of the championship.

Asked if Ferrari considered triggering its veto, Binotto replied: “We voted in favour, so we are happy with the new set of regulations, or if not happy then we are at least convinced it is the right way to go.

“Did we consider it in the past? I think as many times we answered to the same question.

“For us it was more important to collaborate with F1 and the FIA to makes sure that by the end of October we got the best package to be voted and I think that’s where we put our focus and put our effort.”