Alex Albon’s fifth place finish during Formula 1’s Hungarian Grand Prix has been confirmed following an investigation into his Red Bull team’s actions prior to the race.

The stewards summoned a Red Bull representative to see them after the race to investigate an alleged breach of the sporting regulations, after team members were seen using blowers they use to cool the car to dry Albon’s grid slot before the start.

FIA technical director Jo Bauer observed the team using leaf blowers to dry the damp track around Albon’s car and subsequently reported incident to the stewards once the race got underway.

"The Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team artificially dried the gridbox of car number 23 by using the engine cooling air of their leaf blowers when using these to cool the car engine,” Bauer’s statement read.

"As this is in contradiction to the Race Directors Notes, Document 35, published on 19 July 2020 at 13:56hrs, Iam referring this matter to the Stewards for their consideration.”

But after reviewing video evidence of the incident, the Hungarian Grand Prix stewards “came to the conclusion that the competitor did not attempt to alter the grip of the track surface”.

With the stewards deciding to take no further action, Albon’s fifth place finish has been confirmed.

The result takes the Anglo-Thai racer up to fifth place in the championship standings on 22 points, and helps Red Bull move up to second place behind Mercedes.



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