Max Verstappen said there was “not much to do” during a “boring” run to third in Formula 1’s Belgian Grand Prix.

The Red Bull driver had hoped to challenge the Mercedes drivers but ended up facing a rather lonely run to third place, behind Valtteri Bottas and race-winner Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen’s sixth consecutive podium of the 2020 season sees him remain second in the championship, three points clear of Bottas and 47 behind Hamilton.

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“It was pretty boring to be honest not really interesting, not much to do,” Verstappen said.

“I couldn’t really keep up with them when they were pushing, and then from my side I ran out of tyres at the end so the last eight laps I was just backing it out, saving the front tyres so it was not really enjoyable out there today.

“On the Medium I didn’t really have a lot of grip on the hard tyre initially I was trying to put a bit of pressure on Valtteri but hey told him to speed up and I couldn’t keep up so a bit lonely.”

The top three all struggled with tyre wear in the closing stages of the race in Belgium and Verstappen revealed he was “very close” to suffering a puncture.

“I was not sure with their top speed it would be easy to pass so just stayed out,” he added.

“I think I was very close to a puncture but we finished P3, more than that was anyway impossible today. Maybe it was not the most satisfying P3 but it’s still better than nothing so I’m pretty pleased with that.”