Charles Leclerc believes a change of approach with how he tackles F1 race weekends is a potential reason for his improved consistency in 2020.

Despite Ferrari’s struggles this season, Leclerc has been a shining light with two podium finishes to his name.

The Monegasque driver has comprehensively out-performed teammate Sebastian Vettel, 63 points to 17 and has out-qualified him at every race since the British Grand Prix in August.

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When asked about how he’s improved as a driver since last year, Leclerc explained how he has changed his approach compared to 2019.

“On my side, I’ve changed a little bit the approach,” Leclerc said. “Whether it made me go quicker, I don’t think so but surely, I’m giving my 100% at every session. Last year I was taking it a bit easier from FP1 to FP3 and then push in qualifying. But then I had some consistency problems to always put the lap together in qualifying.

“This year I’m just trying to give my best from FP1 to the race basically and yeah, I found some positives in that. As a driver, I keep improving, but I guess it’s the same for every driver. So that’s it.”

Ferrari teammate Vettel has consistently struggled with the handling of this year’s Ferrari and its sensitive rear end.

The Aston Martin-bound driver concedes Leclerc has been able to squeeze the “maximum out of the car” in 2020.

“I think it’s a bit independent from Charles, I think he’s doing a very good job, he seems to squeeze the maximum out of the car. I think on my side it’s a bit different, I think it’s a very different year, very different circumstances going in and not really having the smoothest year in terms of being able to do what I can do.

“Not the easiest situation, but I’m willing to give everything that I can to try and improve and hopefully towards the end of the year, get back to where I know and where I can be.”