Pierre Gasly is confident that AlphaTauri will return to its usual level of performance at Formula 1’s Bahrain Grand Prix after finding answers for what caused its poor display in Turkey.

Gasly demanded answers after both he and teammate Daniil Kvyat finished a lap down and out of the points in Istanbul in a performance the Frenchman labelled “embarrassing”.

AlphaTauri subsequently carried out a review into its below-par performance in Turkey which ended a 10-race streak of points finish for the Faenza squad, and Gasly has been left convinced that the problems will not reoccur in Bahrain.

“We have all the answers, reviewing everything we've done, and with a bit more time and info to analyse everything. So, now we understand,” Gasly said.

“We know we haven't performed the way we should have done it with the car we have, and yeah it was a one off.

“Obviously very frustrating and disappointing not to get or maximise the weekend and make the best out of this opportunity, because it was also tricky conditions, and these conditions there are always more opportunities. But we missed it [in Turkey].

“I'm confident now we will be back to what we have shown recently with the performance we have. But I felt a bit embarrassed because usually we are not there, we are not struggling that much. It wasn't great, we had no pace at all.

“And I think it was just objective we were very slow, much slower than what we should have done. It was not a great feeling. But we analysed, we understood and yeah, I'm confident [that] in a similar situation we'll do a lot better now.”

Kvyat echoed Gasly’s comments and said he expects AlphaTauri to return to a “normal pace” in Bahrain and once again be mixing it up towards the front of the midfield pack.

“We reviewed, we maybe weren't ready for those conditions, as well as we should have been,” Kvyat explained.

“We analysed what we would have done differently, you know, the car treatment and so on. And I think now we have the answers, we would have done couple of things differently.

“However, those conditions, we also have to accept that they were very particular, you know, to the point where it didn't even feel like we were driving really Formula 1 car because it was so slippery, especially on the wet.

“So we have to understand that making a car for such conditions is not easy. Because these kind of races don't happen very often. Because it's not a classic, you know, tarmac.

“Here we are back to normal track, normal conditions, normal tarmac so we expect that we will be back to normal pace here, fighting again strongly in the midfield. And that's about it really.

“So particular conditions, they just didn't mix up well with our car there and also us few things that we need to learn slightly differently to make the car work better in those particular conditions.”



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