Pierre Gasly feels he didn’t have the support of Red Bull F1's senior management during his spell with the team in 2019.

Gasly was drafted into Red Bull for the 2019 season after Daniel Ricciardo decided to make the switch to Renault.

The Frenchman was unable to perform alongside Max Verstappen as he failed to score a podium in his 12 races with the team, resulting in a mid-season demotion to Toro Rosso.

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Albon was Gasly's replacement, but the Thai driver also struggled to perform but was given the whole 2020 season to show his worth and always had the public backing of team boss Christian Horner. 

In an insightful column on 'The Players’ Tribune', Gasly shed light on his time at Red Bull. 

“From the moment I made my first mistake in a [Red Bull] car, I felt like people there slowly began to turn on me,” Gasly explained. “I had a crash in winter testing, and from that moment on the season never really got going. Then I had a tough first two races with Red Bull and the media just ate me up.

“Anything I said in the press was twisted into an excuse for my form, and nobody really stuck up for me. The car wasn’t perfect, and I was doing my best to try to improve and learn each week, but like ... here’s what I’ll say about it: It was a difficult time for me at Red Bull because I didn’t feel like I was really supported and treated the same way as others there have been.

“And for me … that’s something that I just can’t accept. I was working my ass off every day, trying to get results for the team, but I was not being given all the tools I needed to succeed. I would try to offer solutions, but my voice wasn’t heard, or it would take weeks to see changes.”

The Frenchman explained his reluctance to publicly explain what happened during 2019 due to still being part of the Red Bull family with AlphaTauri.

“For whatever reason, I was never going to be a fit in that seat - it was just never going to work.

“I’m not the type of person to start stuff in the media, because I am truly grateful to Red Bull for the chance, as well as for everything they’ve done for me in my career. I really am. But I’m allowed to tell my truth.

“So, that’s it. That’s the truth.”

Gasly's return to Toro Rosso coincided with the death of his childhood friend and Formula 2 driver Anthoine Hubert.

Hubert was involved in a devastating three-car accident during the F2 feature race at Spa-Francorchamps, dying as a result of his injuries.

A year on from his demotion from Red Bull and the death of Hubert, Gasly stormed to a remarkable maiden victory at the Italian Grand Prix.

Hubert’s memory lived long in his memory and spurred him onto a stunning 2020 campaign, where Gasly took his first win.

“It was an odd day, lots of cars were having issues,” Gasly added. “Our AlphaTauri Honda car felt really good, and we just kept going while people struggled around us - we just kept pushing. And then, on lap 29, I took the lead when Lewis [Hamilton] pitted for a stop-and-go penalty. And for the first time in three years, I wasn’t behind someone.

“I was leading a race. I had spent my whole F1 career battling people - keeping up with the guy in front of me and constantly chasing. But now it was just me. Me and the car and the track. I drove every lap like it was my last. I mean that.

“That day at Monza, somebody was watching over me. In that moment, I just felt grateful, you know? Like, I had done it - we had done it.

“I kept thinking, Today is my day. Today is MY day. There is no way I’m going to let this moment pass. There is no way. And it was my day.

“It was our day.”