Ferrari F1 admits it’s exploiting flexi-wing before FIA clampdown

Ferrari has admitted it is one of the Formula 1 teams that has been exploiting flexible rear wings during this season, ahead of the FIA’s clampdown at the French Grand Prix next month.
Carlos Sainz Jr (ESP) Ferrari SF-21.
Carlos Sainz Jr (ESP) Ferrari SF-21.

The FIA issued a technical directive that will come into effect when F1 returns to Paul Ricard in June, in a bid to prevent teams from gaining an unfair advantage through flexible aerodynamics. 

While Red Bull has been at the centre of the ‘bendy wing’ saga, teams such as Ferrari will also be forced to make modifications as a consequence of the tougher load tests. 

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto doesn’t believe the forced changes will make a significant impact on the team’s performance on track.

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“Yes, we are exploiting,'' Binotto said. “I think as all the teams are exploiting somehow what’s possible and what we believe is right. 

“The technical directive is clarifying furthermore. We will need to slightly adapt but I don’t think it’s impacting Ferrari much – and certainly on the lap time from what we’ve seen, very, very little but there are some redesigns just needed which need to be carried over somehow to comply fully to the technical directive. Again, I think that, as Ferrari, it’s not impacting us much but still, a redesign is required.”

Some teams such as McLaren and Mercedes expressed their dissatisfaction about how long it will take for the stricter tests to come into play, with teams allowed to continue to run their flexi-wings in Monaco and Baku.

Conversely, Ferrari has accepted the verdict and understands why the FIA had to take action.

“Yeah, at first, obviously what’s happening on the rear wing, I think it’s normal administration as whatever is happening in F1, always trying to push the boundaries, and somehow the FIA tried to clarify the intentions and the principles of the regulations. 

“Now, on the time, I’m pretty sure that the FIA checked deep what was right, what was wrong, I’m pretty sure that by deciding a certain date, they somehow analysed pretty well, the case and I trust them fully. 

“As Ferrari, we are happy there is now a clarification and eventually we need to adapt, or someone needs to adapt – whoever – to that new technical directive but on the time I think we should respect the FIA decision because I’m pretty sure they did it be being fully aware.”

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