On the official stream counting down to F1’s unveiling of its full-size model of its 2022 car ahead of this weekend’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the McLaren driver was picked up over the microphone saying: “It’s terrible. It’s shit, it’s worse.”

At the time there was no footage being broadcast, making it unclear what Ricciardo was referring to. Speaking after the presentation, the Australian admitted he couldn’t remember exactly what he was talking about but insisted his comments were not directed at the car.

“I was probably talking about something else because we were talking about quite a few things,” Ricciardo said.

“To be honest, I do not recall saying anything like that because I actually thought it was pretty cool. I would not have been that aggressive to it. Maybe it was the paint scheme, but I would not have said that about it [the car].”

Ricciardo went on to stress that he is a fan of the look of the new car, especially the rear-end.

“I’m actually curious now,” he added. “Was I sitting next to Lando? I do not swear around Lando because he is still quite young. You’ve got me there. But I will clarify that I definitely did not think it was shit.

“I was actually quite okay with it and I think I mentioned something about liking the rear. But there is no negativity around the new car here, we are good.”