Torrential rain in Belgium on Sunday meant the race didn't happen in its usual form as the two racing laps took place behind the Safety Car in grid order.

Max Verstappen was classified as the winner ahead of George Russell, who claimed his maiden F1 podium.

With half points handed out, it allowed Max Verstappen to reduce Lewis Hamiltons’ lead to just three points ahead of F1’s return to the Netherlands.

After the race, Seidl was asked if there are any potential solutions if there’s a repeat of Spa in the future.

“I think we simply have to accept because the only alternative to 100 per cent guarantee you can race is you do an indoor race so I think we have to accept for as long as we go outdoor racing days like this can happen and it’s not possible whatever car you race,” he said.

“First of all, is the issue of aquaplaning plus the flume with the guys in the car with the spray. I can’t think of any car which would allow you to race safely in these conditions that we had today.”

Seidl believes FIA was right not to run the race in green flag conditions that safety is paramount.

“We all have the same goal or objective today,” Seidl added. “We all had the same objective - we wanted to go racing. The drivers, the teams, Formula 1, the FIA and the fans. Mainly to put up a good show for the fans. 

“That’s why I think it’s worth trying in difficult conditions, as long as it’s safe, to put up this show, but as I said before, the safety must be protected and that has been done. 

“To be honest, I am happy in the end with the outcome, there was no risk for anyone. We tried what was possible but we had to accept it wasn’t possible in the end - the race.”