The Grove-based squad is revealing its new challenger, the FW44, on February 15, one week before the first pre-season test begins at Barcelona ahead of the team's second full-season under the ownership of Dorilton Capital. 

Williams has undergone several livery changes in recent years following the departure of its former title sponsor Martini at the end of 2018, and its short-lived deal with Rokit between 2019 and 2020. 

A video released by Williams teasing its 2022 car launch showed drivers Alex Albon and Nicholas Latifi reacting to seeing the FW44’s livery for the first time. 

“That's different….Fresh,” said Latifi. “I think I used that word last year, but I think it applies more to this year.

“This is a really cool, actually. I think it's going to look nice under the lights, nice in photos.”

The Canadian, who will contest his third full-season in F1 in 2022, added: “There’s a new colour involved here, which I'm a fan of.

“I think it highlights some very cool features on the car. A bit of a different pattern as well, from what we've normally used.”

Albon, who has been released from his reserve driver duties at Red Bull in order to make his full-time return to the F1 grid this year, commented: “I like it. I would say it's more Williams. 

“It is more simple in terms of the colour scheme. There's a little bit of **** in it. I like the **** in it. It’s nice. It’s cleaner, it’s sharper.”