One of the biggest current questions in Formula 1 is who will be driving for Aston Martin next year.

Speculation has been rife in recent weeks after news emerged that Sebastian Vettel is considering an offer to join Racing Point once it rebrands to Aston Martin in 2021, following his departure from Ferrari at the end of the season.

Should Vettel accept, it would leave Racing Point needing to decide who would have to make way to accommodate the four-time world champion’s arrival at the Silverstone-based outfit.

Both Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll have long-term contracts at Racing Point for 2021 and beyond, but the team’s refusal to definitively rule out a move for Vettel has complicated the picture.

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Naturally, with Stroll’s father Lawrence owning the team, it looks as though it would be Perez’s seat that is under threat, despite the Mexican and his backers intending to remain at Racing Point.

Perez recently admitted it is “obvious” who would make way at Racing Point if the team did opt to sign Vettel for 2021, while also revealing he has already had an approach from another team in the F1 paddock.

While Stroll’s seat appears to be safe, there is no guarantee that it would be the Canadian who partners Vettel at Aston Martin. Although unlikely, Stroll could be benched as a reserve, or provided a seat at another team with a view to returning to Aston Martin in the future once either Vettel or Perez departs.

At this stage of uncertainty, all of the above remains hypothetical.

In our latest video, we explore which of the two candidates are best for Aston Martin…