Managing director Rupert Mainwaring believes Lola will have to build on an encouraging season of F3 competition when the 2005 season gets underway.

Despite only having one car in the British F3 championship, Lola still produced some strong performances thanks to Danny Watts and the Promatecme team, something Mainwaring hopes will be repeated again next season.

"The fact we only ran one car last season made it extra difficult with 15 or 16 Dallaras on track," he told "Obviously they were going to get a lot more information back than we were, but we enjoyed ourselves last year and I think we really found our way with Promatecme and Danny Watts. We had a very pleasing win [at Castle Combe] but more importantly we were always in the top six, and bearing in mind there was only one Lola out there it is very pleasing.

"It would be nice to have four or six Lolas on the grid next season, that's our aim for the British series. We have to win next season as the current set of regulations has a three life so we have to make an impact to enable us to sell cars for the next three years."

With the two year partnership with Dome having come to a natural end, it will be a Lola chassis that is available to teams next season, and Mainwaring is confident that it will be a strong package.

"I think we learnt a lot last season," he said. "We identified that the aerodynamics were pretty good but, in low speed car performance, we weren't quite there so we worked very hard on that and also improved the aerodynamics.

"Originally we planned to use a development of this seasons car but things have moved on a bit and I think I can say that this car is pretty much completely new. We found so much more to develop in the wind tunnel that we just kept going, the car be ready in January and it should be a cracking car."