Volkswagen is to enter the British F3 International Series in 2009 after the announcement that T-Sport will switch to VW powerplants next year.

The team was the last remaining International Class outfit to run a Mugen-Honda engine in 2008, with Sergio Perez going close to the championship title before eventually finishing fourth in the standings as the leading non-Carlin driver.

However, into the new season, the team will now move to Volkswagen - which finished second in the F3 Euroseries standings with Edoardo Mortara - in an effort to fight for the championship crown.

The team will run at least two cars in the International Class and could also elect to continue to run in the National Class once again in 2009 where it has been one of the leading teams in recent years.

"We will receive an excellent package from Volkswagen," team principal Russell Eacott said. "As well as engines there is a whole development programme behind the deal too. Neil Brown Engineering has done a great job for us but we feel that our best shot at the International title will be with Volkswagen.

"We're currently talking to drivers about next year and we're delighted with how much interest there has been. Our performance over the last season was strong and to take the championship fight to the last round was great; to continue that into 2009 will be fantastic."

Head of Volkswagen motorsport Kris Nissen said he had kept a watchful eye on T-Sport during 2008 and said he felt they had done a good job with the package available.

"I have watched T-Sport perform very well this year," he said. "I think their package was not as strong as it could have been with Volkswagen but for a reasonable budget they have done a fantastic job."