One of the hallmarks of open-wheel racing over the past several years was the presence of a dedicated, full-time safety team at each event which, on several occasions, has saved the lives of drivers involved in incidents, but that is no longer the case in the Atlantic Series.

Since the Champ Car World Series merged with the Indy Racing League earlier this spring, the safety team that normally serviced the Atlantic Championship was disbanded. However, through the generosity of an Atlantic Championship volunteer, a small safety team will be present for the Sommet des Legends event at Canada's picturesque Circuit Mont-Tremblant on the weekend of 29 June.

Polly Gallimore, who volunteers with the Atlantic communications department to produce pit notes on race weekends, has agreed to fund the safety team for the Mont-Tremblant weekend. Gallimore is one of the more colourful characters in the Atlantic paddock and has befriended many of the drivers and teams in the series. When she is not feverishly typing pit notes at her computer, she can usually be found in the paddock with camera in hand.

"It has been said that racing is just a business, and it has also been said that family takes care of its own so, after years of watching some of the most exciting on-track action with some of the most talented drivers the world has ever seen work their way through the Atlantic Championship, it is a pleasure to be able to give something back even in such a small way," Gallimore said of her gesture, "It's different when you know the kids in those cars and it was with that in mind that I decided to do this.

"It is true that we have been witness to incredible safety improvements on race cars and race tracks, but I believe that the most important improvement has been the development of this safety crew. We work diligently to ensure that these drivers are as safe as possible, but we are also acutely aware, and have sometimes seen, that lives can be changed in the blink of an eye. At these moments, it is readily apparent that time is of the essence and every second counts."

Mazda North American Operations will transport two fully equipped Mazda CX-9 safety vehicles previously used by the Champ Car Safety Team to Mont-Tremblant, while the weekend safety personnel will include Champ Car Safety Team veterans Lon Bromley, Dave Hollander, Dr Rick Timms, Tom Harrison, Joe Richards and Chris Hillen.

"I can't thank Polly enough for her generosity," said Atlantic Championship president Vicki O'Connor, "The Atlantic Championship truly is a big family and this is just another example of how this family works together and helps each other.

"We are extremely fortunate that Polly stepped forward to help us at Mont-Tremblant, and I must also thank Mazda for helping with the safety vehicles. Obviously, we hope that the safety team doesn't have to work at all during the Mont-Tremblant weekend and can simply enjoy the beautiful scenery, but it certainly gives us peace of mind to know that they'll be there."