The Throwback night will feature a replica of the 1986 Anaheim track to celebrate the epic battle between Honda riders David Bailey and Rick Johnson. Bailey went on to win what is considered one of the greatest Supercross races of all-time while Johnson captured the championship that year.

"We based the Anaheim retro design on the 1986 Anaheim track for a few reasons," said Dave Prater, director of Supercross, Live Nation Motor Sports, Inc. "First, 1986 is recognised as the beginning of the modern era of Supercross. The Production Rule was adopted in '86 and has stood the test of 20+ years. Finally, the race is seen by many to be the greatest Supercross race of all time that featured Bailey and Johnson."

Anaheim holds a special place in Bailey's heart - and not only for hosting one of the greatest races of all time.

"Most people remember the 1986 race between me and Rick Johnson, but my greatest experience was my first race there in 1983," said Bailey. "I was trailing the leader, Broc Glover, in the main event with goose bumps because I knew I was going to finish at least second. Then Broc made a huge mistake in the whoops, and I took over the lead! He made an incredible save, and I thought briefly that he might pass me back, but a lap later, he seemed to settle for second, and I was all alone out front. Those were the happiest laps of my career!"

To show support for the race, many teams and riders will be outfitted with gear and bikes that that have an '80s retro theme. Former AMA Supercross class champions Bailey and Johnson are working closely with Live Nation to help capture the nostalgic '80s look and feel. The factory teams will display the '80s works bikes that help pilot the era's top racers to championships.

"I'm really excited about the retro theme at the second Anaheim event," said Mike Fisher, team manager, Monster Kawasaki. "The 1980s is where Supercross really started to build to what it is today. The tracks were a lot different back then. They were slower and we've made a lot of safety innovations so combining the new with the old should make for a great race. I know the whole Monster Energy Kawasaki team will be ready to turn back the clock and win like we did when Jeff Ward was on our bike."

In addition, former legends Mike Kiedrowski, Mickey Dymond, Mike Bell, Marty Smith, Jeff Ward, Sebastien Tortelli, Jeff Stanton, Mike LaRocco, Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, Guy Cooper, Ron Lechien, Donnie Hanson, Broc Glover, Rick Johnson, David Bailey, Erik Kehoe Jim Holley and Johnny O'Mara will be on hand to sign autographs as part of the Throwback night festivities.

Fans are encouraged to dress the part for the evening, which will include a variety of on-site '80s-themed promotions, music and videos.