A MotoGP champion as recently as 2021 with Yamaha, while the first half of 2022 had Quartararo looking like a two-time champion in waiting, however, the Frenchman is now without a win in 11 months.

Quartararo also appears to be unhappier than ever as Yamaha’s failure to give him a competitive package on a consistent basis has been weighing heavily on the 24-year-old’s shoulders.

Quartararo’s last win came at Sachsenring in June 2022, and with Franco Morbidelli continuing to struggle, there’s no doubt that Yamaha are going through one of its worst patches in the premier class. 

Race pace has often been strong for Quartararo, whether it was the second half of last season or the opening few rounds in 2023.

The French rider never tends to finish lower than where he qualified, certainly in 2023, but that’s not saying much as he’s qualified tenth or lower in four out of the five rounds so far this year.

So while his race pace might be better than his qualifying position suggests, Quartararo has struggled to make considerable progress in the races as the M1 lacks a clear strength.

Not only does corner speed seem to be weaker than previous years, Yamaha also remains down on top speed compared to many of its rivals.

This makes overtaking a lot more difficult for Quartararo, who is finding himself riding at the limit more than ever before. 

With tyre pressure continuing to be a problem for many riders and bikes, add to that Yamaha’s ongoing issues, and Quartararo has been left in a position where he’s fighting what seems to be a lost battle even before racing has begun.

So what does this mean for Quartararo’s future? Well, the 2021 world champion will ride for Yamaha for at least one more season following the current campaign. 

Unlike his teammate who is contracted only until the end of this season, Quartararo has a deal in place with Yamaha that is the same as every other factory rider, meaning the end of 2024 is when he’s set to become available. 

Quartararo is both young enough and obviously talented enough to warrant any manufacturer signing him to a big deal going forward, so that should therefore put most of the current factory teams in play for his services.

However, Quartararo gelled with the Yamaha from day-one and provided they can give him assurances going forward, then remaining with the Japanese manufacturer would likely be atop his wishlist.

But as last season and the start of 2023 have shown, Yamaha has struggled to make the necessary steps to become a constant force which is why Quartararo could be best served by looking at the likes of Ducati and Aprilia as viable options moving forward. 

Of course, such moves to those brands would require them to take on another title contending rider in Quartararo and potentially have two star riders, however, Ducati already took that chance by signing Enea Bastianini to partner Francesco Bagnaia this season.