While Marc Marquez has been one of the most successful sportsmen since entering MotoGP in 2013, the eight-time world champion’s last few seasons have been defined by heavy crashes rather than glittering on-track moments.

Yes, Marquez won three races in 2021, and yes he did so whilst not fully fit, once again highlighting just how good the Spaniard is. But as we saw in Mandalika, Marquez is continuing to ride at and sometimes beyond the limit of what his factory Repsol Honda machine can absorb.  

Marquez suffered an alarming total of four crashes from FP2 until Sunday warm-up in Indonesia, while the biggest one of those was the last as Marquez looked in terrible shape. 

With many wondering if Marquez can continue to ride like this given his recent injuries, here is a look back through some of his biggest falls since joining the premier class. 

5. Assen (2013)

A rookie champion, Marquez wasted no time in finding out how vicious a MotoGP machine can be…

One of his biggest accidents came during a high-speed crash at Assen's Ramshoek curve during third free practice.

The Repsol Honda man suffered fractures to the little finger of his right hand as well as to the big toe of his right foot.

Although Marquez was cleared to race in the Dutch TT, a Grand Prix in which he claimed a superb second place finish, signs were already there that Marquez was keen to ride at the very limit. 

The Assen incident came not long after Marquez had been forced to jump from his Honda after losing control along the fastest straight on the MotoGP calendar, at Mugello, during Friday practice for the Italian Grand Prix.

As Marquez came over a rise on the undulating 210mph plus main straight, he lost the front of his RCV under braking, causing him to veer off the circuit and onto the grass.

"Just after the hill on the straight I grabbed for the brakes but I closed the front. I tried to save it but the bike was pulling me towards the wall so I jumped from the bike to avoid hitting it," said Marquez.

Repsol Honda stated that Marquez was travelling at 174mph (280km/h) when he was forced to jump off.

4. Silverstone (2021)

Although Marquez topped FP1 at a circuit that has traditionally been difficult for both he and Honda, the six-time MotoGP champion tucked the front as he tipped into Maggotts bend during the final stages of said FP1 session. 

The speed of his fall was 274km/h, which is 170 mph. 

Both Marquez and his machine slid across the grass before a stricken Honda found itself laying on the middle of the track. 

An immediate red flag came out while Marquez remained down for a significant period of time.

After finally making his way back to his feet, Marquez later confirmed sand got into his eyes and affected his vision during FP2.

Let’s not forget this is the same year in which Marquez suffered from diplopia (double vision) for the second time in his racing career following a motocross accident toward the end of the year. 

3. Buriram (2019) 

Buriram 2019 was a weekend which perhaps sums up Marquez’s career in a nutshell. 

The runaway championship leader entered the weekend looking for his second ever win at the Thai circuit following his victory at the inaugural 2018 event. 

And after a solid start to FP1, Marquez suffered a huge highside that was initially missed by the world feed, however, local cameras at trackside spotted the crash. 

The Repsol Honda rider was flung from his Honda RC213V late in the session, while the heavy impact to the ground led to Marquez suffering injuries to his neck, back and pelvis. 

Immediately after the crash, Marquez remained on his haunches in clear discomfort.

The bike itself was ruined, and was in a state that not many bikes have been in before. The impact was so heavy that Marquez was unable to breath in the immediate aftermath. A quite shocking accident. 

Marquez later returned in FP2 following a trip to the medical centre and finished sixth quickest. 

Come Sunday, Marquez produced yet more magic as he battled all race long against rookie sensation Fabio Quartararo before claiming victory, and with it the last of his six MotoGP world titles thus far. 

2. Mandalika (2022)

After crashing three times - twice at turn 12 and once at turn 13 - Marquez suffered what was without doubt his biggest crash since returning from injury. 

Although Silverstone was one of the fastest crash of his career, Mandalika was arguably worse than the fall that made its way to top spot. Continue reading to find out which one we ranked a #1.

With the race just hours away, Marquez was already on the limit in morning warm-up after the rear of his 2022 Honda let go around turn 15. 

Thankfully Marquez managed to save the near crash. However, the Spaniard wasn’t so lucky just a few moments later as the rear came around again, this time in much faster and more spectacular fashion. 

Marquez was bolted straight out of his seat before a horric landing to the head. Marquez seemed to be left unconscious as he hit the ground before managing to find his way back up after a minute or so. 

But things were far from okay for Marquez as he wobbled through the gravel suggesting a concussion was very much in play.

After leaving by helicopter for a local hospital, fears of a concussion were realised as the team and Marquez took the decision to forgo round two of the 2022 season. 

Speaking to MotoGP’s Simon Crafar, Repsol Honda team manager Alberto Puig said: "It's been strange because Marc had three big crashes and we have to understand why.

"The crash today was brutal. We need to anaylse. They [Michelin] brought a different tyre here and we need to understand everything. Our rider crashed and we want to understand [why]."

1. Jerez (2020)

While it was by no means the fastest or scariest from a visual point of view, the ramifications are still felt today for Marquez. 

Although Marquez was back to full fitness heading into Qatar, he has not been able to show anything like the form we saw in 2019, whether that be last season or so far in 2022. 

Comfortably leading the race, Marquez looked on course to start the 2020 season the same way he ended 2019, with a victory. 

But the Repsol Honda rider tucked the front going into turn four before miraculously saving it on his knee, a common theme over the last few seasons.

But if there’s one thing we know about crashes, saving a front-end slide compared to a highside is a very different story. 

After dropping all the way down to P19, Marquez began a breathtaking comeback through the field, picking off riders on every lap. 

And while Fabio Quartararo looked set to take his first MotoGP win, which he did, Marquez was closing on the Frenchman after climbing all the way back to second place. 

However, Marquez asked way too much of his RC213V machine on the approach to turn three as the rear tyre caught too much traction, therefore launching him over the top.

As Marquez went barrel-rowing through the gravel, his Honda machine hit him on the way through, causing the 29 year-old to suffer a broken arm.