The MotoGP legend finished 17th in the GT World Challenge endurance race.

Rossi was 13th an hour from the end but, due to hand over the steering wheel to team-mate Frederic Vervisch, he made a crucial error in the pitlane by bypassing his crew and was forced to complete an extra lap, losing time in the process.

Rossi was in The Audi R8 Lms Evo II GT3 of the WRT team number 46 alongside Vervisch and Nico Muller.

‘The Doctor’ had largely impressed in his first car race since ending an illustrious career on two wheels.

His best lap was 1:41.5, four tenths from his best performance in qualifying.

The race was won by Dries Vanthoor, Kelvin van der Linde and Charles Weerts for The No. 32 Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo II after starting on pole position.

Valentino Rossi to race in the UK

The next round of the GT World Challenge is April 30-May 1 at Brands Hatch.

Lewis Hamilton tells Valentino Rossi: MotoGP ‘more hardcore’ than F1

The motorsport legends came together for a joint interview having famously swapped their rides in 2019 for a fascinating few laps where Hamilton rode a Yamaha and Rossi drove a Mercedes.

“I think MotoGP is more hardcore,” Hamilton admitted. “These guys don’t have seatbelts.

“When they have a crash, it is big. It is hard for them to improve safety.

“The fear factor for them is always there, and has been there for years.

“Our sport is getting safer and safer. 

“We watch [MotoGP] in complete shock. It is nerve-wracking.”

Rossi had said: “I am excited for a new adventure, racing with a car. It is the second chapter of my career.”

Hamilton asked: “When are you coming to Formula 1?”

Rossi: “Unfortunately I am too old!”

Hamilton explained: “I have always loved bikes. When I was younger I wanted to race bikes, not cars.

“But my dad wouldn’t let me race bikes - he said they were too dangerous!

“He got me into four wheels rather than two.

“It was the right choice because if I was racing during the time Vale was there, I wouldn’t have been so successful.

“Since I have been in Formula 1, I have a super-bike and I like to do some track days. It is fascinating. It gives a different perspective.”

Rossi said: “All the MotoGP riders love Formula 1, and the Formula 1 drivers love MotoGP. The two sports are at the top of motorsport and are very connected.

“To drive a car or to ride a motorcycle? It is different but also the same. The lines are similar, and the braking. You have to be fast.

“If you can drive a car, you can also ride a bike, and the opposite.”

Hamilton: “Our skill is to adapt. On a bike you see lines that you wouldn’t normally take in a car. The braking is different but the goal is to get through as quickly as possible. We adapt - that is what we do best. It is second nature.

“I have been in a fighter jet and even that felt natural!”

Rossi said about taking to the skies: “I am very scared but I want to try.”

Hamilton told him: “The perception of your speed is different. You are faster but it doesn’t feel as fast as a bike on the ground.

“In a plane, I blacked out. It was 8Gs and I didn’t have a G-suit on.”

Rossi said: “Speed is exciting. It is something you get used to.

“The first time you try MotoGP you think it is impossible but you improve. Your brain reacts. It is a great feeling.

“You are doing something very dangerous but with the feeling that, more or less, everything is under control.”