The Repsol Honda’s stunningly brave riding style has been the hallmark of his decorated career.

Although he credits that mind-set for his six MotoGP championships, the same exuberance has also caused the heavy crashes which have resulted in career-threatening injuries.

"You don't want to ride again" - Marc Marquez talks about his Mandalika crash | MotoGP 2023

"One of the mental exercises I do when I go to train is to measure risk,” Marquez told GQ

“The guy who accompanies me always has to say: 'Marc, be careful here', or 'Marc, watch out there'. 

“It's something I've worked hard at for the last few years, because it's hard for me to see the risk, and that's sometimes a strong point and sometimes a weak point."

The notorious Jerez 2020 crash which broke Marquez’s humerus bone is where his serious injury problems began.

He rushed back quickly, just days after the operation, but quickly realised it was overly ambitious. Now, Marquez realises this was the kind of risk-taking he should steer clear of.

Mid-way through 2022 he underwent a fourth arm operation and, as the 2023 season nears, the ceiling of his ability is one of the main talking points.

"Mental scars in the sense of braking, have not left,” he said. 

“I have learned that I do not have to risk in the way of facing a recovery, but I will continue to risk the same on the track. 

“It has been seen in my last five races, in which I have gone fast and I have been the one who has fallen the most times, because I wanted to get where the bike did not reach. 

“I will always take that risk, because the day I stop doing it I will start to slow down and then it will be time to go home."