The advice that today’s Marc Marquez would give to 2013’s Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez could go down in history as MotoGP’s greatest-ever rider. But he still has regrets.
Marc Marquez, Jerez MotoGP Test March
Marc Marquez, Jerez MotoGP Test March

This year Marquez must battle the performance of his own Repsol Honda bike, plus his recovery from a career-threatening arm surgery, to challenge for a seventh MotoGP championship which would draw him level with his rival Valentino Rossi.

Many fans would consider Marquez to be the sport’s king if he overcomes his staggering injury issues to clamber back to the top of the MotoGP mountain.

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Yet, there are things he wishes he had done differently.

"It would be two moments,” he admitted to GQ

“One, the year 2013, and I would say: 'Really enjoy what comes to you'.”

Marquez, as the reigning Moto2 champion, stepped into the premier class and immediately became the champion in 2013. He was only the fourth rider to win in three categories, and was the youngest-ever MotoGP champion, at 20 years and 63 days.

“It's not that I haven't enjoyed it, but I would tell him not to normalise it, that winning is not always normal,” Marquez said. 

Marquez, Japanese MotoGP,
Marquez, Japanese MotoGP,

He also regrets a more recent moment and wishes he could advise a younger version of himself.

“The other moment would be when I got injured in Jerez, and I would say: 'Wait two months at home, you're going to lose two months, but not two years.'”

The notorious crash in 2020 broke Marquez’s humerus, and contributed to his diplopia issues.

He unsuccessfully tried to return very soon after surgery to fix his arm, and admits that decision was a major setback in his overall recovery. 2021 and 2022, although they featured occasional highs, were largely lost to injury.

In 2023 he intends for that to be different.

"My intention is to win and that's what I'm preparing for: to win."

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