"Pretty shitty" - Miller reacts to KTM substitute idea

Jack Miller was among the MotoGP riders unimpressed by the idea of adopting a football or F1-style approach to substitutes.
Jack Miller, MotoGP, Catalunya MotoGP, 1 September
Jack Miller, MotoGP, Catalunya MotoGP, 1 September

KTM currently has more riders than bikes for the 2024 season, with the addition of Pedro Acosta.

It has been suggested that instead of running riders for a full season, the Austrian factory could vary the GASGAS Tech3 line-up at different events or even, F1-style, give a reserve the chance to ride in some free practice sessions.

Miller, who joined Red Bull KTM at the start of this year, said the current five rider/four seats conundrum “is a good problem to have. If you look back 12 months ago, they didn’t have that issue.

“So it’s a fantastic issue to have, I’m happy for them [KTM]. But what they will do? Completely up to them. I just do my job!”

The Australian added that his contract for 2024 is clear and so  "there doesn’t need to be" any conversation between him and KTM.

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But pressed on the general idea of a manufacturer substituting or rotating MotoGP riders, Miller responded:

“I’m a racer so I want to race every weekend. To have a reserve rider? That sounds pretty shitty.

“It’s not Formula 1 where you can sub someone in for FP1. If you miss FP1, you’re screwed! We don’t have a simulator.

“[KTM] will find a solution, I’m sure they’ll find something, it’s up to them.”

MotoGP is rumoured to be allowing each factory six wild-card entries, up from the current three, next season.

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