Marc Marquez thought Honda ‘would have bet on Di Giannantonio’

Marc Marquez admits he was slightly surprised to see Honda begin negotiations with Luca Marini for its vacant 2024 MotoGP seat.
Marc Marquez, Honda MotoGP Sepang 2023
Marc Marquez, Honda MotoGP Sepang 2023

The eight-time world champion will leave Honda at the end of the 2023 MotoGP campaign to join Gresini Ducati.

That means one of the most coveted seats in MotoGP, or at least that’s traditionally been the case given Honda’s success, is available.

Fabio Di Giannantonio appeared to be the obvious choice given he is out of contract, however, Marini is now close to joining the Japanese manufacturer.

Asked about the Italian’s decision to leave Ducati, who have the best bike on the grid for Honda, Marquez told GPOne: “Obviously I don’t know Honda’s strategy exactly. I thought they would have bet on Di Giannantonio a couple of races ago, but already in Thailand I started to feel something about Marini and it seems he will take my place. 

“I’m happy for Luca. We have always had a good relationship and he is a young and experienced rider on the Ducati, which is the best bike on the grid for results. 

“I don’t know what the main reason is for why he would join Honda. I chose to have a competitive bike, while he goes towards a project that requires a lot of work. 

“Sometimes things seem a certain way from the outside but are different from the inside, so it would be better to ask him.”

Acosta can be a multiple MotoGP champion - Marquez

Like Marquez during his early years in the championship, hotshot Pedro Acosta has huge expectations heading into his first season as a MotoGP rider in 2024.

Marquez, who was one of the first to recognise his stunning talent, expects the Spaniard to have his own ‘era’ of greatness. 

“After his first race in Moto3 I posted a tweet while I was injured on the sofa at home saying he was an excellent rider and is proving it,” began Marquez. 

“He is one of those riders who will become a big name in MotoGP. I don’t want to label him as ‘the anti-someone’ or something like that because that’s something I’ve always hated. 

“Every rider has his era, his years and his moment. Now it seems like no one can win many championships in a row, but Acosta is someone who can do it.”

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